Official Zerode | Update #1 | AU Proxy & The Future

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    Zerode | Update #1 | AU Proxy & The Future


    Hey all, welcome to our new website/forums! Huge shout out to the parties involved in getting this setup so promptly. Our websites main focus is to keep the community up to date with server news, updates and anything Zerode. Feel free to create an account, and start chatting with the community. On our website you will find applications to roles such as Staff, Media and Builder. We encourage you all to get to know the community and enjoy yourselves.

    AU Proxy:

    You read it right folks. Zerode will be launching an Australian Proxy. Our Australian Proxy will be the first proxy that will open on our network and we encourage the members of the Australian Community to join using ( when we launch and let us know how you what we have provided for you all. More information regarding release dates for the Australian Proxy will be released very, very soon to be sure to look out for that.

    The Future:

    What does the future hold? A question with a million possibilities. The future of Zerode is uncertain of this time however we're striving towards release of both our AU and US Proxies. We've been speaking with content creators within both regions in regards to increasing our communities population and joining the Zerode family. The Australian Proxy is set to release first with the US proxy coming in hot shortly afterwards.

    Thanks for reading our first announcement, be on the lookout for the next one containing more information on our Australian Proxies release.

    Cheers, Darth & Khat.​
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