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    Hey all,

    Just wanted to give you all a few updates on essentially the network, how it's all going and what's been happening over the last week or so!

    Red to Pink!
    As most of you have noticed, and commented on. We have been undergoing a revamp of our network to just make everything much better, and cleaner. As you may have noticed all server colours have changed from Red to Pink, as well as graphics in our Discord and on our twitter!

    Zerode is recruiting!
    This one is probably one of the most important mini-announcements of this announcement post - We are currently recruiting people of many fields to join our team. We are recruiting:
    - Staff Members
    - Developers
    - Designers
    - Management

    If you're interested in any of these positions, please make an application on our Forums and I can guarantee it will be checked within 48 hours, probably within 24.

    Prison Launch
    Thank you all so much for the 50+ people that attended the grand opening of our first ever gamemode, Prison. This launch was pretty smooth, however were a few instances of lag and other crashing problems which were out of our control at the time (fixed as of now!). That aside, it was awesome to see everyone log on and just have heaps of fun whether it was coinflipping, mining, or building amazing plots!

    PotSG Games
    As you can see by our events channel on our Discord server, we have been hosting a few PotSG Games! Ensure you keep our discord notifications on to be on the lookout for some awesome prizes! ;)

    Thanks so much for ongoing support, release dates for many new things very soon! <3
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    Well said, Very well said!