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    • Age: 16 on the 25th

    • Can you record in-game: Yes

    • What timezone do you live in: acst

    • How many hours per week do you think can you contribute to Zerode as a staff member?:
    around 30
    • Do you have a discord account and or a working microphone?: Televize#1871, and at the moment I won't have a working microphone for a couple months
    • Have you had any previous experience as a staff member on another server?
      I have been staff on AusHeroes and Minecraft Oceania (the discord)
    • What gamemode do you spend most of your time on Zerode?
    • Have you ever been punished by a staff member (muted, warned, kicked or banned) on Zerode before? (please list all punishments you can remember.)
    • Why should we consider you specifically over other applicants?
      I believe I deserve Staff over other applicants because I have extensive experience in moderating and hosting roles. I also have a lot of great ideas that I believe it would benefit the network greatly. Therefore I believe that I deserve Staff over other applicants due to the fact I have extensive experience and loads of great ideas that will help benefit the network.
    • When did you first join Zerode?
      Prison season 1
    • Why do you want to be a staff member on Zerode?
      The reason I want to be a staff member on Zerode is because I believe I can bring a lot to the role and the server. I also have a lot of experience in both small and large roles on Australian servers therefore allowing me to bring my past experiences to the network and perhaps helping staff with lesser experience than I. So the reason I want to be a staff member on Zerode is because I very much enjoy moderating and I have a lot of time to moderate.
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