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    Staff Application Information:
    General guideline for writing a staff application is to add as much detail and explain every point you make not just "I like being staff on servers" but why do you like being staff on servers. Please also use correct grammar and punctuation, plus make it look neat and easy to read.

    You must be over the age of 13 to make an application this is to ensure every staff member is able to handle situations that may occur which require maturity.

    We also keep an eye out for applicants who act professional and well behaved in game, in our forums and on our discord. Try to build a reputation as a decent player, that other player can trust.

    Staff Applications Rules: (breaking any of these your application will be denied)
    1. Must be over the age of 13.
    2. Do not apply within 1 month of your last application.
    3. Do not plagiarise any application, Will result in instant denial if caught.
    4. Do not ask staff about when your application will be read.
    5. Do not add false information in your application.
    6. Please use the application format given below and keep it neat!
    7. Please do not ask staff members to review or give feedback. They will comment on it as they wish.
    8. We expect you to make the application easy to read not a big chunk of text. Formating of application is something we take into consideration.
    9. You must be in the discord otherwise when reviewing your application it will be denied.
    10. You must have joined the network for at least 1 week before applying.
    Staff Application Template:
    Basic Information questions:

    • Age: (you must be over the age of 13 to apply):

    • Can you record in-game: (yes/no)

    • What timezone do you live in: (example AEDT)

    • How many hours per week do you think can you contribute to Zerode as a staff member?:

    • Do you have a discord account and or a working microphone?: (please add discord tag so we can contact you.)
    More detailed application questions: (please add as much detail as you can to each question!)
    1. Have you had any previous experience as a staff member on another server?

    2. What gamemode do you spend most of your time on Zerode?

    3. Have you ever been punished by a staff member (muted, warned, kicked or banned) on Zerode before? (please list all punishments you can remember.)

    4. Why should we consider you specifically over other applicants?

    5. When did you first join Zerode?

    6. Why do you want to be a staff member on Zerode?
    End of application questions! (do not add this line in application.)

    Staff Applications FAQ:

    Q: How will I know I've been accepted or denied?
    A: If you've been accepted we will contact you on discord or reply on your thread. If you've been denied we will post a denial message on your thread, if no response is given then we may still be reviewing your application or may come back at a later date and accept it.

    Q: What rank will I get when I get accepted?
    A: Every new staff member will start as helper and progress from there. Some users may be fast-tracked to higher positions depending on experience.

    Q: Why are application submissions public?
    A: We encourage users to vouch for applicants while the application is pending, vouch applicants based on have seen online and actively helping out or to comment on certain issues with the applicant.

    Q: Where are all the old applications?
    We archive all previous applications so people can not copy from others.

    Q: Where can I apply for a manager or developer?

    A: For developers please contact Shamus#0001 on discord in regards to possibly paid jobs. For managers, we only hire internally to staff/admins that are interested in managing staff.

    Q: Do I have to meet the requirements to apply?
    A: Some exceptions can be made but this rarely happens, Please msg #Shamus#0001 on discord for further questions.

    Q: Where do I post my application thread?
    A: In this forum section:
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