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    Can you record in-game?


    What timezone do you live in:

    AEDT, Sydney

    How many hours per week do you think you can contribute to Zerode as a staff member?

    3-5 hours on weekdays

    4-10 hours on weekends.

    Have you had any previous experience as a staff member on another server?

    Yes, I've had several previous staff experiences

    To list a few servers:

    VanityMC: 1,000-5,000 Playerbase » Moderator
    SagePvP: 100-700 Playerbase » Senior-Admin
    EnchantsMC: 200-500 Playerbase » Moderator
    GhostlyLive: 100-300 Playerbase » Trial-Mod

    What gamemode do you spend most of your time on Zerode?

    Prison and soon skyblock.

    Why should we consider you specifically over other applicants?

    Personally, I believe I should be accepted as staff because I am mature, professional, and have plenty of experience providing me with the best possible knowledge of staffing in the Prison/Skyblock/Factions community. Since I am experienced I have been through situations some people haven't been through and know how to deal with the situations properly because I've probably been through a lot of situations that you think I wouldn't have gone through.

    I'm dedicated to the Zerode Network and will be able to spend a great amount of time moderating the server and giving support to players. I am very mature for being 15 and am someone who cares about the players. I am not someone who cares so much about the rank but applying for helper is something that makes me go the extra step with helping people and makes it possible for me to help people more with authority.

    I am very respectful and courteous with people, I am good with Teamspeak support and understanding people but also giving them a chance to talk. I may feel bad but I don't change my decision on the situation after I've made my decision it's final. I think myself being apart of the Zerode Staff Team, would be good since I've got alot of experience in the same area and I always try to go the extra step when I can.

    I am very helpful when helping players and can help them almost always unless it requires a higher staff role to give the player support. I am perfect for the job seeing I know a lot about HCF and know what commands to use, when to do something and when not to do something, I am also very professional when it comes to helping players and then I am also very foolish when I am around friends and when I am having a good time.

    Have you ever been punished by a staff member (muted, warned, kicked or banned) on Zerode before?

    Not to my knowledge.

    When did you first join Zerode?

    Last prison release, however I was more active on this current one.

    Why do you want to be a staff member on Zerode?

    Honestly, there aren't many AU servers at the current moment. I've always had a passion for Skyblock/Prison networks and that was one crucial thing I disliked about the AU community, there was little to none actually good networks of these gamemodes. I value zerode as a whole, aiming to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all au players aiming to achieve the same enjoyment as I myself look for.
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    Any proof of this? like old screenshots, old posts etc..
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    +1 Very Good application!