Nikehead's aka Darcy's Staff Application

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    Basic Information questions:

    • Age: 15

    • Can you record in-game: Yes
    • What timezone do you live in: ACDT
    • How many hours per week do you think can you contribute to Zerode as a staff member?: 20+
    • Do you have a discord account and or a working microphone?: Yes (darcy#9999)
    More detailed application questions: (please add as much detail as you can to each question!)
    1. Have you had any previous experience as a staff member on another server?
      Yes,, and other small servers. (will DM proof if required).
    2. What gamemode do you spend most of your time on Zerode?
    3. Have you ever been punished by a staff member (muted, warned, kicked or banned) on Zerode before? (please list all punishments you can remember.)
    4. Why should we consider you specifically over other applicants?
      Not only is it a step up on responsibility but the ability to help other players in need of support or knowledge with relative ease. I find joy in other players enjoying themselves, and I am always willing to give a hand and help another player in need to the best of my ability regardless if this is indeed a faction server. If promoted to this position not only will my life experiences, and knowledge of such a position will aid me as a helper in this amazing community. However, it also gives me the opportunity to help the network remain a fun and interactive community while providing my service to others, ensuring that every player here on the Zerode Network has that beacon of light they can approach. I am a passionate young individual who aspires to achieve many great things while impacting the lives of others. There is nothing more that makes me happier than seeing someone in happiness. Through seeing others relieved or even exultant makes all the stress worth it. I am enthusiastic towards helping others, and even if I am not capable or unsure in regards to an issue that may be occurring I will always find a solution to ensure that person is in a better state than they originally were! I am experienced in Screen-sharing & Moderating the chat. I have good knowledge on what people consider abuse, and what others consider a fair enactment. With the amount of playing time, I can contribute to the server would be very helpful to the community and staff team as a whole. I have a friend of mine who is experienced with Ghost Clients, in which he gives me a lot of helpful tips. I respect all of the players that decide to join the server and fairly deal with problems that arise if needed. I play a lot of HCF, Practice and Prison, which gives me experience that helps me view a player's issue more and help him professionally.
    5. When did you first join Zerode?
    6. Why do you want to be a staff member on Zerode? I would like to help people enjoy their time on this server and have a great experience without rule breakers and I love to punish them! I will try my best if I get staff so I can make this server a better place than it already is and ban as many hackers as I possibly can! I am certain that I'm gonna make this server better and I think I'm helpful and I'm always gonna help people. I can bring many things to your server. I am a really open-minded person and I have a big capacity that I want to be able to use. I have played this game for a really long time and that makes me good at catching many cheaters and being able to help loads of players in a good way. There are many reasons why you should pick me to become a staff member on your server. I am an experienced, qualified moderator and admin with over five years in the field. I enjoy playing gaming, writing and leading large teams. I'm a very mature, respectful, and fun to be around staff member for your server. Not only do I have certain skills, but I also know how to correctly follow rules, and respect all players, and staff members. I also know how to discipline players during a specific situation. I know when to call a higher role staff, or to leave the situation for a higher staff member. I also have various communication skills and problem-solving skills. Also, I love to problem solve and help other people out. I also do not tolerate rule breakers or any type of disrespect towards any players or staff members of the server. I am a very nice, fun, and polite person. I have many qualities that I can apply to your server, and make it a lot more fun, and exciting server to play on. I know I'm only one person, and you think I'm just saying this to get staff but I am not. I am extremely mature, I believe that this is the greatest thing about me, I can be mature when necessary. I am an easy-going individual, and I do not mind handling any task that may be assigned to me as a staff member, and I would not mind whether it be an easy task or a hard task. I will always make sure to get the job done. I want to work my hardest to please the players and staff that I will be working alongside, and the customers, that I will be serving on a day to day basis. I am willing to commit as much time as needed to fulfil my duties as a Staff Member, and as a player, looking for ways to better the server. I want to and do not mind answering any questions or concerns that anyone may have, whether that be responding to individuals on the Discord server, the forums, or in-game. Any platform that a player tries to contact me over to try and receive help from myself, I am more than willing to help them in any way possible, and will not ignore their concerns. Generally, I would love to be able to help the network continue to grow and would like to make it a home for more players. Overall I love being able to help with any concerns or questions anyone might have for me. I want to make sure that everyone on the server is having fun, without having to deal with any toxic players, because players should always have a great experience. I would like to be apart of the staff team to help with anything that I am able to help with. I would like to become a staff member on Zerode to help the community make every step of the way to becoming one of the greatest servers known to the OCE community. Working for a larger community has been a large wish of mine for the past couple of weeks. I have felt the urge to moderate and help a community once more and I would like to help Zerode. I have worked for a lot of servers inside of the Minecraft staff 'industry' before and I have listed them above. This has taught me many skills and how to moderate communities, I would like to expand my knowledge by working here. I believe I am quite good at this and am relied on to do so! I am willing to be able to take criticism from players and this is an important trait most staff members should have. People usually have bursts of sadness/being stressed and I am usually there to comfort them, this has previously happened to me on other servers and was awarded for doing so. I feel like I would be a good staff member due to my level of responsibility for my actions and also being able to be relied on for tasks set inside or outside of the staff team. I feel that I am able to work under pressure, this is quite important if you are the only staff member that is online. I would like to provide an enjoyable experience to players playing in this community and would like to make them feel like they are welcome to come back and enjoy more time on the server! I believe the job of a staff member is always to maintain order inside of a community (and also assist), I believe I am fairly good at this as of my previous experience.