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    Network Rules:
    If you have any questions on a certain rule or modification please don't hesitate to make a support ticket on our discord.

    Rule 1 - No blacklisted modifications or cheats.
    Auto-bans are enabled for certain cheats, auto-bans will last 30 days.

    Allowed modifications:
    • Lunar client
    • Badlion client
    • Optifine
    • Togglesprint
    • Keystrokes
    • Fullbright
    • Armor status
    • 1.7 Animations
    • Capes mod
    Blacklisted modifications:
    • Any modifications that are unfair such as reach, killaura, esp, x-ray, etc..
    • Any speed or movement modification that is not possible in vanilla.
    • Flying mods that alter the speed of flight.
    • Health indicators that display the health of mobs or players.
    • World downloader
    • Radar or mini-map mods that show players when not directly in sight.
    • Skin blinkers or derp/head roll hacks
    • Schematica mod (factions is an exception in this rule.)
    Rule 2 - Respect all players and staff in-game, in the discord, and on the forums. We do not allow under any circumstance:
    • Sexism
    • Racism
    • Discrimination against religions
    • Political discourse
    Rule 3 - No mentioning NSFW related content or sharing links related to NSFW:
    • Mentioning or referencing pornographic/explicit websites
    • Mentioning or referencing explicit or NSFW content
    Rule 4 - Predatory Behaviour is a permanent blacklist even if the intent was a joke its unacceptable under any circumstance.

    Rule 5 - Profanity is allowed but not to be directed as a form or insults or harassment. Please also refer to rule 2 to avoid misconceptions.

    Rule 6 - Advertising any form of discord, server or services is not allowed unless relevant to Zerode

    Rule 7 - Aiding & Abetting, Knowingly helping someone violate the rules (bypassing, tp trapping, scamming, etc),

    Rule 8 - Attempting to lag the server or crash it is not allowed. This includes in-game methods such as "lag machines, cobblemonsters etc.."

    Rules 9 - Griefing is only allowed in certain gamemodes like factions.

    Rule 10 - Abusing Glitches/Exploits are not allowed this relates to plugin bugs, dupes and shop exploits.

    Rule 11 - Please use VPNs at your risk. If your IP address matches the IP address of a hacker who was previously banned you will also risk being banned. because you used a VPN, your account will be banned.

    Rule 12 - Doxing is not allowed on Zerode and people posting addresses, personal information, and other private information will be banned.

    Rules can be updated at any time without notice and staff may decide certain punishment variations depending on the severity of the rules broken.
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