Official Updates!
Hey all,

Just wanted to give you all a few updates on essentially the network, how it's all going and what's been happening over the last week or so!

Red to Pink!
As most of you have noticed, and commented on. We have been undergoing a revamp of our network to just make everything much better, and cleaner. As you may have noticed all server colours have changed from Red to Pink, as well as graphics in our Discord and on our twitter!

Zerode is recruiting!
This one is probably one of the most important mini-announcements of this announcement post - We are currently recruiting people of many fields to join our team. We are recruiting:
- Staff Members
- Developers
- Designers
- Management

If you're interested in any of these positions, please make an application on our Forums and I can guarantee it will be checked within 48 hours, probably within 24.

Prison Launch
Thank you all so much for the 50+ people that attended the grand opening of our first ever gamemode, Prison. This launch was pretty smooth, however were a few instances of lag and other crashing problems which were out of our control at the time (fixed as of now!). That aside, it was awesome to see everyone log on and just have heaps of fun whether it was coinflipping, mining, or building amazing plots!

PotSG Games
As you can see by our events channel on our Discord server, we have been hosting a few PotSG Games! Ensure you keep our discord notifications on to be on the lookout for some awesome prizes! ;)

Thanks so much for ongoing support, release dates for many new things very soon! <3
Official Prison Changes
Prison has had a few changes players have asked for. We will also be adding many features as prison progresses and features based on player requests, We will be adding small changes over the coming days to improve quality of the server.
Notable Changes:
  • Chat format has changed a little bit.
  • You can now auction items for more than 1 million.
  • PvP mine with emerald blocks. (/warp pvp)
  • Withdrawing tokens has been fixed when withdrawing more than 16.
  • Envoys have been added to (/warp pvp) for some extra loot.
  • Server wide broadcasts for when someone ranks up.
  • Every 1000 blocks you break you will get 16 tokens.
  • Every 25000 blocks you break you will get 1 rare crate key.
  • Rankup prices have been lowered a lot! (below are the changes)
A » B for 60k
B » C for 100k
C » D for 500k
D » E for 1.5M
E » F for 2M
F » G for 4M
G » H for 6M
H » I for 8M
I » J for 10M
J » K for 12M
K » L for 25M
L » M for 50M
M » N for 75M
N » O for 150M
O » P for 200M
P » Q for 300M
Q » R for 400M
R » S for 500M
S » T for 1B
T » U for 2B
U » V for 5B
V » W for 10B
W » X for 50B
X » Y for 100B

Y » Z for 250B

(if prices are still not good please contact me or Cynorex (Darth) with suggestions)

Zerode | Update #1 | AU Proxy & The Future


Hey all, welcome to our new website/forums! Huge shout out to the parties involved in getting this setup so promptly. Our websites main focus is to keep the community up to date with server news, updates and anything Zerode. Feel free to create an account, and start chatting with the community. On our website you will find applications to roles such as Staff, Media and Builder. We encourage you all to get to know the community and enjoy yourselves.

AU Proxy:

You read it right folks. Zerode will be launching an Australian Proxy. Our Australian Proxy will be the first proxy that will open on our network and we encourage the members of the Australian Community to join using ( when we launch and let us know how you what we have provided for you all. More information regarding release dates for the Australian Proxy will be released very, very soon to be sure to look out for that.

The Future:

What does the future hold? A question with a million possibilities. The future of Zerode is uncertain of this time however we're striving towards release of both our AU and US Proxies. We've been speaking with content creators within both regions in regards to increasing our communities population and joining the Zerode family. The Australian Proxy is set to release first with the US proxy coming in hot shortly afterwards.

Thanks for reading our first announcement, be on the lookout for the next one containing more information on our Australian Proxies release.

Cheers, Darth & Khat.​